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Feng Shui Tips for Your Apartment to Create Positive Energy

Feng Shui Tips for Your Apartment to Create Positive Energy

Feng Shui Tips for Your Apartment to Create Positive Energy


Where you live can very much impact your day to day life, and one way to make sure that the feel of your place enhances your well-being is by following the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that helps create positive energy, balance, and harmony inside your home. This practice is important when it comes to apartments too, as it can aid in making smaller spaces feel more open and comfortable.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some Feng Shui tips that will turn your apartment into a rejuvenating sanctuary that you’d love coming back to every day.


1. Clear the clutter

The first step to Feng Shui is decluttering. Clutter creates stagnant energy that can keep you feeling stressed and unproductive. Start by sorting through your belongings and clearing out anything you no longer need. Allow room for things you truly love and cherish.

2. Artificial lighting

Artificial light can keep you feeling dull and unenergized. Invest in some good lighting that mimics natural light. It will not only make a drastic difference in your mental and emotional clarity; it'll also help your physical health. If you need something cozier and more lowkey, you can build a dimmer closet with lighting that can be adjusted throughout different times of the day.

3. Use crystals

Crystals are believed to radiate their own energetic fields. They can attract different types of energy into your apartment to enhance your overall well-being. Place some of your favorite crystals throughout your apartment, focusing on spaces where you spend more time.

4. Mirror placement

Mirrors in Feng Shui represent the ability to reflect and deflect energy, which is why you must be mindful of where you place them. Placing a mirror in a suitable area can bring an abundance of natural light into your apartment, making the space look bigger and more open.

5. Add plants

Living plants not only clean the air and add color to your apartment, but they're also believed to radiate positive energy. Jade plants and peace lilies are recommended plants to enhance your overall well-being and richness in your apartment.


Fixing the Feng Shui of your apartment doesn't necessarily mean you have to do a complete overhaul. Incorporating simple changes can have a lasting effect on your well-being and happiness. With the tips above, creating a positive energy space will become more manageable and rewarding. Start implementing these small changes to your apartment to make it a peaceful and cozy oasis where you can relax and unwind. Thus, if you are searching for an apartment for rent in Cayce, SC, make sure you contact Otarre Pointe Apartment Homes to schedule a personal tour to realize your dreams.

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