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Laundry Tips That Are Total Game Changers

Laundry Tips That Are Total Game Changers

Laundry Tips That Are Total Game Changers

Laundry might be the most dreaded and stressful undertaking of all.

You've got lots of items to wash, some of which are stained or include special care instructions, and everything should be sorted based on color.

We don't want to destroy anything, but we hope to be as efficient as possible. So here are a few laundry hacks from experts at our apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, that will transform the game and allow you to have a less stressful laundry day.

1. Keep your machine clean with baking soda and vinegar

Since a washing machine is continuously being filled with water, the dampness can create mildew and make your garments smell strange. It's not difficult to keep it clean. You only need to know how.

Begin by wiping down the interior of your washing machine with a rag doused in hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you pay attention to tight spots in the drum and get out anything that may be stuck.

Then, add a half cup of baking soda and a quart of vinegar to your empty washing machine. Fix the water temperature on the hottest setting and run the device through a complete cycle. This should disinfect the machine parts you can't reach with a rag. Repeat this procedure once a month to discourage any mildew from growing and keep your clothes smelling fresh.

2. Employ baking soda to whiten your whites

If your white clothes are beginning to look dull and dingy, add a half cup of baking soda to the wash and the detergent and execute the load like normal. If your garments need an extra brightness boost, boil a gallon of water and add a half cup of lemon juice. Soak a few white clothing articles in the hot lemon water for 30 minutes to an hour, then wash like normal for more vibrant whites.

3. Darken black clothing with coffee

If you've detected that your black shirts and pants look a little light and gray, employ coffee to darken them up. Make two to three cups of black coffee and add it to your washer. Then, put in ONLY black clothing and set it to a rinse cycle. Your garments should come out darker, and the color will last longer.

4. Salt keeps bright colors from fading

Colored clothes can fade quickly, even using a suitable detergent. So instead, add one-third cup of salt to your wash to preserve those bright colors and run the regular cycle. This will work particularly well if done the first time a new item of clothing is washed and will help stop the colors from fading over time.

5. Line-dry garments on a pool noodle to bypass creases

If you frequently utilize a line or rack to dry your clothes, you're likely familiar with the pesky creases in your shirts and pants. To avoid them, cut a slit along a pool noodle's flank and use it to encase the line or rods on your drying rack. You'll be able to dry your garments on the line without having to iron them afterward.

Follow these laundry tips to make your life easier. Then contact us for apartments for rent in Cayce, SC. We hope to be your next home.

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