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Five Tricks to Grow an Apartment Garden

Five Tricks to Grow an Apartment Garden

Five Tricks to Grow an Apartment Garden

Do you have a green thumb? Have you been eager to start a garden when you live in your own place? We have great news for apartment renters! You can start a garden no matter where you live. If you stay dedicated to the art of gardening and choose the right plants for your space, you can make gardening a true success in our apartments in Cayce, SC – or anywhere. These are a few simple tricks to help you garden while living in an apartment.

Start Simple

When you get settled into your apartment, you may assume that you have plenty of room for plants on windowsills, shelves, and on the balcony. However, as you find a place for all your belongings, you may realize that the space is more limited. For this reason, you need to start small with apartment plants. Avoid getting large containers, as they will take up plenty of space. Consider smaller plants to start, such as succulents.

Map Out Your Space

Take a look around your apartment. Do you have a lot of windowsills? Do you have an outdoor space? Do you have a lot of natural light? When you have natural light and access to the outdoors, you have a great place to keep plants. Plants require sunlight and water in order to stay alive, and you want to be sure that you have these spaces in your apartment before you start loading up on indoor plants.

Maximize Natural Light

Try to keep the space in front of your windows clear of belongings to make room for plants. By placing your garden near the window, you make it much easier for them to get natural sunlight on a daily basis. This will help them thrive without you needing to rotate them for sun exposure all the time.

Think Vertical

Hanging pots are also a popular way to add vertical appeal and make more space for your apartment garden. When you hang your pots from the ceiling, they can also become an art piece that can dangle down as they grow. Consider putting plants on shelves, bookcases, and other high surfaces just to add some vertical design elements to your apartment.

Consider Your Schedule

Be honest about your schedule s that you can determine the proper watering routine for your plants. It is important to make watering a priority on your daily chore list to ensure that your plants have everything they need to survive. Consider watering plants at the same time each day so that you do not forget this important task.

These are a few tips that can help you grow a lush and productive apartment garden. Just because you are living in apartments in Cayce, SC does not mean you have to sacrifice your love of gardening. When you choose the right place to call home, you can have any hobby you want.

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