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A Bathroom Cleaning Routine for Your Apartment

A Bathroom Cleaning Routine for Your Apartment

A Bathroom Cleaning Routine for Your Apartment

Living in an apartment has many benefits, from luxury communities to well-appointed units to desirable locations in popular cities. Living in an apartment community will offer everything you need and more for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. The comforts of home do require some work on your part, however. To keep your apartment clean and safe, you will want to perform some basic cleaning routines to make everyday life much easier. Here's a simple bathroom cleaning routine that you can follow to keep your apartment clean during those long work weeks.

Sanitize Every Surface

One of the most essential cleaning tasks you need to do throughout the day is to sanitize and disinfect high-touch surfaces. By doing this multiple times throughout the day, you ensure that your bathroom is truly clear of bacteria and germs, which will protect those who need to use the restroom.

Wipe Down Your Knobs

Doorknobs and sink handles are among the most highly-touched surfaces in an apartment. Take the time to disinfect thoroughly and wipe down all the doorknobs, sink handles, and bath/shower knobs. It would help if you did this on a routine basis to prevent the spread of germs.

Clean Sinks and toilets

Take the time to disinfect and deep clean all of the toilets and sinks. When you do this, be sure to avoid cross-contamination and remove all of the stains, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants. Also, take the time to clean the toilet bowl thoroughly, and wipe down everything top-to-bottom to ensure a deep clean.

Wipe Down Mirrors

Be sure to take the time to wipe down the mirrors. Even though mirrors are not frequently touched, they will suffer from water splashing and other blemishes that can make the entire bathroom appear to be dirty. When you use glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror's surface, you will leave a streak-free, sparkling mirror to give off a clean appearance.

Mop the Floor

After you have wiped down surfaces, you will want to mop the floors with acceptable cleaning solutions. This will remove any spills, water stains, dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from the area. In addition, after you mop the floor, you will be able to tackle any pollutants or grime that has made its way to the floor.

Throw Away Garbage

The last step to cleaning your bathroom is to collect all the trash from the bathroom and dispose of it properly. By doing this routinely, you stop waste from piling up and spilling over.

By following this routine, you will be able to keep your bathroom clean even though you will probably be spending most of your time at work. In addition, when you are looking for apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, we will provide you with a beautiful apartment home so that you and your family are comfortable and happy. Contact us to schedule your apartment tour today.