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5 Unpacking Tips to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

5 Unpacking Tips to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

5 Unpacking Tips to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

Apartments offer many wonderful features that can enhance your lifestyle and make it easy to transition into independent living. Whether you are moving out of your parents, starting your first job, or just need some time before buying a home, you will want to check out our apartments in Cayce, SC. As you move into your new home, you can get excited about all the amenities and possibilities in your new community. Before you get settled, you will first want to unpack and find a home for all your belongings. These are a few unpacking tips to help you maximize space in your apartment.

Get Storage Bins

Before you even start unpacking, you should stock up on a few durable, sturdy storage bins. This will help you rotate all of your belongings so that you do not have to keep everything out at once. For example, you may want to store your seasonal décor or your heavier wardrobe if you are moving into your place in the beginning of summer. Having storage bins ready to go will make this process much smoother.

Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are some of the best products to have when living in an apartment. These allow you to hang anything on the walls without worrying about making any holes or damage to the wall itself. Command hooks come in a range of sizes, so you can even use them on the backs of bathroom doors to hang towels, in the kitchen for pots and pans, or by the door to hang coats or bags.

Consider Raising Your Bed

Investing in bed risers can allow you to store many of your belongings right underneath your bed. Whether you have plenty of clothes that cannot fit in your closet, or you want to store your gaming devices somewhere, raising your bed might be the perfect solution for you. Bed risers are typically inexpensive, and they can give you that extra space you need to feel comfortable in your space.

Get Folding Furniture

Foldaway furniture is ideal when you are living in a small space, as you can take it out when you need it but keep it stowed away when you do not. Consider investing in a foldaway desk for those times when you work from home or just need to write out some bills. This way, you can fold the desk and put it away when you do not need to be sitting there.

Invest in Organizers

Organizers are also ideal for fitting more items inside your closets, bedrooms, and living spaces. You can install additional shelving or add another rod to hang your clothes right inside your closet. When you move out, you can even take this organizer with you, so it is a worthwhile investment. Sometimes, you can even install shelves at the bottom or top of your closet so that you can increase the amount of storage for items like blankets, shoes, and seasonal clothing.

These are just a few ways that you can maximize space inside your apartment. If you are looking for spacious apartments in Cayce, SC, give us a call today!

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