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Keys to Mixing and Matching Different Styles in Your Apartment

Keys to Mixing and Matching Different Styles in Your Apartment

Keys to Mixing and Matching Different Styles in Your Apartment

If you are just starting out with your apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, then you may discover that you need to take the furniture that you can find inexpensively or that someone is willing to give away. You may also have pieces that you have had since childhood that you want to incorporate into your new apartment. Other times, you may be at a flea market or thrift store and find a piece that you simply love. The great news is that it is easy to incorporate different styles into your apartment when you keep some simple rules in mind.

Choose a Consistent Color

Using a consistent color is a great place to start. Consider neutrals as they will match with almost anything. Yet, they often pull an apartment together beautifully. You may also want to choose a color to incorporate into different areas of the room. For example, you might want to use the same color of peach in the artwork, throw pillows and area rug. Then, all other pieces seem to go together naturally.

Think About Scale

Choosing different styles works best in a room if they are all about the same scale. If you cannot make that happen, then each piece in the room needs at least one other piece of the same scale. When possible, put the pieces of the same scale in different areas of the room to help pull it together. For example, you might put end tables of two different styles on both sides of a bed to help pull the room together.

Ponder Shape

Even if pieces are in different styles, try to keep shapes together. For example, if your sofa has lots of curves, then place it near a table or chair that also has lots of curves. On the other hand, if your dining room table has lots of straight lines, then choose a hutch for the dining room that also has straight lines.

Consider Bringing the Styles Closer Together

If you are using pieces that are many decades apart, then think about what you can do to close the gap. For example, you may want to reupholster a William-and-Mary-style chair with a more modern fabric that matches the period of the rest of your furniture.

Regardless of your furniture, they will look great in the Otarre Pointe Apartments. One- two- and three-bedroom units are all available at these apartments for rent in Cayce, SC. You will love the spacious size of the bedrooms that each have their own walk-in closet. Enjoy reading a book while sipping on a cold beverage on the patio. Work off any pent-up energy in the fitness room while your children are playing in their own activity center or play as a family in the salt-water pool. You can even opt for a private garage space helping to protect your vehicle from Orlando’s weather.

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