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How to Practice Good Hygiene When Using Community Amenities

How to Practice Good Hygiene When Using Community Amenities

How to Practice Good Hygiene When Using Community Amenities

Are you wondering how to keep yourself and your neighbors safe when you are all using community amenities at your apartment complex?  If you love working out at the fitness center, swimming in the community pool, and enjoying the BBQ pit, rest assured that there are ways you can protect yourself from germs when you are in your apartment complex.  At our apartments in Cayce, SC, we have many cleaning procedures for our community amenities.  However, there are still ways for our residents to protect themselves and practice safe hygiene in the community.  There are a few steps you can take to make sure that you practice good hygiene when you are using community amenities or visiting your neighbors in your apartment complex this summer.

Wipe Down Equipment at the Fitness Center

Before and after you use any gym equipment, you should always sanitize and wipe it down.  Gyms typically offer sanitizer and towels to use to help you remember to clean the machines after you are done using them.  This will prevent the spread of germs from person-to-person, as all of the machines are shared amongst the crowd.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

One of the best practices when you are using community amenities and visiting neighbors is to frequently wash your hands.  We recommend that you wash your hands both before you use the amenities and immediately afterwards.  This prevents the spread of germs to other areas of the complex.  

Minimize Sharing

Whenever you are working out on the floor, you should bring your own mat.  When you are visiting the apartment swimming pool, take your own towel and gear.  When you are BBQing at the community grill, be sure that you take your own tongs and serveware.  Anytime that you go over to your neighbor's apartment, take your own supplies as well.  You'll want to minimize the sharing as much as possible.  

Bathe Frequently

When you are get home from work, you should consider bathing.  This will remove any bacteria or germs that you may have picked up while you are out.  Taking a shower is the best way to get rid of all the exposure to germs.  It also helps to refresh after a long day.  If you can't immediately take a shower, be sure to at least thoroughly wash your hands and face before you go to use the community amenities

By taking these extra steps, you will be able to practice good hygiene, which will keep everyone safer and healthier.  When you live in our apartments in Cayce, SC, we will take the extra precautions to protect our residents by keeping community areas sanitized and thoroughly cleaned every day.  Contact us to hear about our extensive cleaning routines today.

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