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Five Tips to Stick to a Healthy Regimen and Active Lifestyle at Your Apartment

Five Tips to Stick to a Healthy Regimen and Active Lifestyle at Your Apartment

Five Tips to Stick to a Healthy Regimen and Active Lifestyle at Your Apartment

Many people assume that living in an apartment gives you all the time in the world to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  While low maintenance and access to luxury amenities are certainly two perks to living in our apartments in Cayce, SC, it can still be difficult for busy young professionals to stick to their healthy habits.  These are a few tips that can help you finally make the changes you always say you’ll make and stick to your active lifestyle when living at our apartments.

Start Small

Many people want to start with big aspirations right out of the gate.  However, when you try to accomplish too much too quickly, you will set yourself up for failure.  Instead of setting overly lofty goals from the beginning, start with small steps.  This will help you establish small habits before you add more into the routine. 

Add More When You Are Ready

As you master the first step, add another one.  Eventually, your goals will look bigger as you get farther into your steps.  By adding additional habits to your previously established ones, you attach the new habits onto already positive associations.  Having a positive and pre-established habit will motivate you to stay true to the new habits you are adding into the routine.  Over time, this will make it much easier to stick to the habits, both new and old.

Find Your Motivation

Staying motivated is difficult, especially when you want to establish everyday habits to better your lifestyle.  When you suffer from setbacks, take a step back and remind yourself of the reason you started.  Why are you motivated?  What do you want?  These motivations should drive you to continue, despite the difficulty.  Take time to establish a “why” and then follow it no matter what.

Set Aside Time for Practicing Your New Habits

It is easy to say that you will practice you habit so many times per week.  However, this tactic does not often set you up for success.  Instead, you should schedule time into each day or week to practice that habit intentionally.  By setting aside pre-determined time, you will be more likely to follow through as though it was an appointment in your book that you cannot miss.  Treat yourself like a doctor’s appointment that cannot be missed, and eventually the habits will become part of your daily routine without having to do so.

Find an Accountability Neighbor

Living in an apartment complex has its benefits, especially when you are looking for someone to make you accountable with your habits.  When you are at the fitness center or swimming pool, take the time to notice others that are practicing habits you want to adopt.  Greet them and ask if they can help to keep you accountable.  When you have a partner that is also practicing the same habits, you will be able to stick to your routine and make it fun at the same time.

These are some of the habits that you need to adopt in order to stay on course for your healthy lifestyle.  When you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, it will help to have access to many amenities right outside the door.  Contact our apartments in Cayce, SC to hear about the amenities we offer to encourage a healthy lifestyle today.

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