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Five Space-Saving Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Five Space-Saving Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Five Space-Saving Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Are you wondering if it's worthwhile to decorate your small apartment for the holiday season?  Are you curious how decorations will fit in your small space?  Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be an overwhelming or cluttered situation.  In fact, there are many ways to use the space provided to decorate and welcome the joy of the season into your home.  In 2020, that's what we all need.  At our apartments in Cayce, SC, we encourage our residents to enjoy the holiday season and decorate.  There are a few ways that you can both decorate for the holidays while saving space in your apartment.

Decorate the Unused Room Corners

Often times, the corners of apartment rooms are left empty.  This leaves a perfect space for holiday décor.  Whether you are putting up a tree, creating a manger scene, or lighting your Menorah, you can do this in the corners of your rooms without having to do much rearranging.  Spaces in your apartment that are left neglected are great for adding some holiday decorations.

Get a Pencil Tree

It may be time to consider getting a smaller tree to decorate.  When you try to fit an oversized tree in your apartment, you may find yourself frustrated, tripping, or rearranging for the right solution all season long, which will make it more stressful than fun.  Avoid this by using a skinny pencil tree so that it fits inside your space comfortably.

Decorate Your Doorways

Take some garland, lights, and other wall décor, and decorate the doorways and hallways of your apartment.  Doorways are visible from multiple rooms in your place, making them a focal point from many places when they are illuminated or sparkling with decorations.  Command strips can make holiday decorating easy to remove once January rolls around, so invest in some of these simple hanging tools to make it easy to attach decorations to your apartment walls.

Use the Tabletops

You already have a table in your kitchen, and maybe even in your dining room, so why not add some festive touches to these spaces?  Creating a beautiful tablespace or decorating with centerpieces is one simple way to make rooms both functional and festive.  Choose centerpieces that don't need to be shuffled around to actually utilize the table, so that you can enjoy the decorations each and every day.

Decorate Your Windows

Apartment windows are easy to decorate with sparkling lights, window clings, or other accessories.  These can be seen when you are sitting inside your apartment, and they will also be visible in the community.  Window decorations are also affordable and simple to hang, so these are a quick and easy option to add some style to your place during the holiday season.

By following these tips, you can decorate your apartment without feeling cluttered in a small space.  When it comes to apartments in Cayce, SC, you want to find a place that you can call home for the holidays.  Contact us to schedule a tour of our stunning apartment complex today.


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