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Best Pets for Apartment Living

Best Pets for Apartment Living

Best Pets for Apartment Living

When you want companionship, responsibility, or interaction at home, you may be contemplating whether it’s time for you to get a pet.  However, living in a rental situation may make it challenging to get the exact pet you want.  This can be resolved by living in pet-friendly apartments in Cayce, SC, like Otarre Pointe Apartments.  Living in these apartments will make it much easier to bring home a furry friend and welcome a pet into your life.  These are some of the best pets suitable for apartment living.


Dogs are some of the most common pets we see at our apartments.  When you want a companion to enjoy your life with, a dog is one of the first suggestions.  Dogs come in many breeds, sizes, and styles, which allows you the chance to choose one that will best fit into your lifestyle.  More active people may choose a dog that is more energetic and requires more exercise, while homebodies can choose dogs that reflect that same vibe.  


Cats are also a suitable option for apartments, as most of them can live indoors only.  This means that you do not need to worry about taking them on walks or on potty breaks, which can save you time each day.  Cats are great for apartments because they are smaller in size, require less responsibility than a dog, and can be alone for many hours each day when you are at work.  They are also quiet animals.


If you are looking for a pet that only requires minimal care and responsibility, you should consider getting a fish.  Fish tanks can easily fit inside many apartments, and they offer some responsibility but not a ton.  You can choose from many different styles and types so that you can spend your time watching them swim around their tank with beautiful tropical colors in the backdrop.


Other apartment owners will get birds as their pet.  Birds live in smaller cages, so this will save you space inside your unit.  They come in many sizes and colors, so you can choose the best and most suitable ones for you.  Smaller birds, like canaries and cockatiels, are affordable and easy to take care of when you keep them in a sizable cage.

Hamsters or Guinea Pigs

Smaller rodents are also popular pets for those living in apartments, especially when you live with the whole family.  These animals give the element of cuteness without taking up all the space and requiring as much care as a larger animal.

These are some of the most common pets that are seen in apartment living situations.  When you think that you are ready for the responsibility of a companion, it may be time for you to consider getting a pet that can fit into your lifestyle.  Here at Otarre Pointe Apartments in Cayce, SC, we allow many pets to live with you in your apartment.  Contact us to hear more about our pet-friendly apartments today.

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