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5 Gardening Ideas for Apartment Gardening

5 Gardening Ideas for Apartment Gardening

5 Gardening Ideas for Apartment Gardening

One of the things that many apartment dwellers miss is the chance to grow a garden. The most creative ones, however, have created beautiful gardens right on their patios or terraces. Here are five ingenious ways to garden at your apartment.

Hang Plants

There are many plants, like upside-down strawberries and tomatoes, that have been specifically bred to grow in pots. You can even hang more than one pot from a single S-hook by running a threaded steel rod up through the middle of the pots and using nuts on the rod to position your pots. Then, fill the pots with dirt and plant your favorite flowers, vegetables or herbs in them.

Use a Ladder

Add some vintage flair to your patio by turning an old ladder into a plant stand. You can simply open the ladder up allowing you to position the pots on the steps. You can also fasten a shelf between the front and the back of the ladder to create even more room. Make sure to consider each plant’s needs when choosing what to plant, however, as those on a bottom shelf may not get a lot of light.

Pallet Garden

Source an old pallet that a retailer is getting rid of allowing you to easily turn it into a pallet garden. Remove enough boards from the front of the pallet so that your plants have plenty of room to grow. Then, use those boards to create a solid back for your pallet garden. Cut thin pieces of laminate wood to make a bottom for each of your rows of plants. Lay down a layer of landscape fabric in the bottom of each row. Then, fill each row with dirt. Plant your plants in the pockets that you have created. Fasten the pallet to your patio’s walls using L-brackets or just lean it against the wall.

Use a Shoe Organizer

You can easily transform a shoe organizer into a planter for your patio or terrace. Just poke a hole in the bottom of each pocket so that the soil can drain properly. Then, fill each hole with some dirt and plant your plants. Hang the shoe organizer where you can easily enjoy it throughout the growing season.

Garden in a Gutter

You can also create a freestanding garden from an old gutter and a wooden frame. Decide how big you want your garden to be and build a wooden frame to be a perfect size. Make sure to construct it with a substantial base as your garden may get heavy. Then, cut old house gutter to fit inside your frame. Drill holes in both ends of each gutter allowing you to hang them on a chain. Fill the gutter with dirt and plant your plants.

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