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How to Fit Everything in Your Small Apartment

How to Fit Everything in Your Small Apartment

How to Fit Everything in Your Small Apartment

Are you concerned about how you are going to fit all your belongings in your new apartment?  Are you scrambling to find many storage solutions for all your stuff?  Whenever you first move into our apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, you'll want to unpack and find a home for everything you brought.  In order to organize and declutter your apartment, you want to implement permanent storage solutions and use the space wisely.  Here are five tips on how you can maximize your apartment space and fit everything in your apartment.

Utilize the Doors

One of the best and easiest ways to save space in an apartment is to utilize the back of doors for storage.  Hanging hooks, installing wire shelf units, and sticking to-do lists to the backs of doors allows you to maximize your use of space in your apartment while still concealing the contents of bulky or unattractive storage.  

Use Bar Carts and Prep Islands

An easy way to expand your storage and function of your apartment is to invest in a bar cart or prep island.  These typically come on wheels to make for easy mobility.  Whether you are an avid party host or a chef, you can choose the piece of furniture that fits best for your lifestyle.  Not only will this give you an extra space for entertaining, it will also provide you with storage of necessary items, like glassware or spice storage.

Buy Foldable Furniture

When you typically eat dinner, you may sit in front of the TV or simply lean over the kitchen counter.  But this doesn't mean you don't want to invest in a dining room table for when you want to host a dinner party or simply have a nice, sit-down meal with the family.  Using expandable dining furniture is perfect for apartments that can't compromise the table space for everyday life.  Tables with leaves and collapsible ledges offer the opportunity for expansive when you need the space, but they are easily stowed for the days when you don't.

Invest in Easy-to-Move Furniture

When you are furnishing your apartment, be aware of the couches and chairs you buy.  Make sure that they are lightweight enough to be easily moved, especially when you are carrying them up or down flights of stairs.  Not only will this make move-in day easier, it will also allow you the flexibility to reconfigure furniture to maximize space for guests or for holiday decorations.  Movable, lightweight furniture is great for apartment living.

Buy Shoe Storage

In order to avoid clutter, invest in shoe storage furniture.  This is typically thin and easy-to-access, and it can also provide you with a shelf or a ledge that encourages more storage.  When people come into your apartment, avoid having shoes scattered throughout your entryway by simply hiding them inside furniture designed for shoes.  A storage bench is a great option for those who also want to have seating available when guests enter your home.

Whenever you are concerned about fitting all of your belongings in your apartment, you'll want to use these suggestions on how to maximize the storage space and use every square inch efficiently.  At our apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, you will have access to spacious apartment layouts with many storage options.  Contact us to schedule a tour of our apartments and see for yourself today.

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