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Five Steps to Decorating a Small Apartment to Seem Larger

Five Steps to Decorating a Small Apartment to Seem Larger

Five Steps to Decorating a Small Apartment to Seem Larger

Living in an apartment can have its challenges.  Among these challenges is the lack of space to fit all of your belongings or the feeling of being crammed into a small space.  Even though many apartments for rent in Cayce, SC offer layouts with a lot of space, you may want to save money by choosing an apartment with less square footage.  This means you will need to be creative with space-saving solutions and design elements.  There are a few tips to help you make a small apartment room appear larger.

Avoid Color Contrast

Minimizing the contrast of colors in your apartment will make it appear larger than it actually is.  Choose a color scheme that is all based around the same color, as this will prevent it from feeling too busy and cluttered.  Light blues and greens are always great options to make a room appear larger.  These colors give the room depth while still creating a warm feeling.  

Only Buy the Furniture You Need

When you fill your apartment with bulky furniture, you will likely feel more crammed or stuck in smaller spaces.  By only using minimal and necessary furniture, you can prevent this feeling.  You will want to save as much space as you can, so consider purchasing only necessary furniture you will use every day in your apartment.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great and inexpensive ways to make your rooms appear larger than they actually are.  They give the impression of a larger room by reflecting light into dark corners or spaces.  Floor length mirrors double as both ways to see your appearance and also ways to increase the light reflections in your apartment.  This effect is instantly noticeable, and most mirrors are actually inexpensive to purchase.

Install Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Even though your apartment may already come equipped with quality blinds, you can make the rooms appear larger by hanging floor to ceiling curtains.  Curtains that go all the way to the top of the ceiling will help the room appear taller, which will make it seem bigger all around.  This is a simple solution to feel like you are adding space without breaking the bank.

Use One Color Scheme

When you clutter a room with a lot of decorative items, like statues, frames, sentiments, and more, this may make the room seem smaller.  Instead of using many different types of decorations, choose a minimalistic theme by only using simple décor.  This will help the room seem larger.

These are five simple steps to make a small room in your apartment appear larger.  Whenever you make an investment in an apartment, you will likely want to save your money for other expenses.  These solutions allow you to make a small place work for your lifestyle.  If you are looking for quality and spacious apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, contact us today to hear about our apartment floor plans.


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