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Packing Valuables Before You Move

Packing Valuables Before You Move

Packing Valuables Before You Move

If you are getting ready to move, then it is essential that you pack your valuables so that they will not break while you are in transit. Following some simple tips will help you protect the things that can break most easily.

Make a List

Unless you are moving, the first thing that you need to do is move all your valuables to one spot as it will make it easier to work quickly. Then, take a notepad and write down a brief description of each item and its condition. Take a photo of each item. This will make it easier if you need to make a claim against your mover later if the need arises.

Moving Valuable Furniture

Make sure that you have enough help so that you can move heavy furniture without anyone getting hurt or dropping your piece. Secure any moving parts so that they do not come loose or get broken in transit. Secure doors using soft string or furniture bands as tape can mar the furniture’s surface. Wrap each piece in a moving blanket and secure tightly with a stretch wrap.

Ceramics and Glass

Look carefully at each ceramic piece and glassware to determine where the weak point of the piece is located. These weak spots often include handles, protrusions, and rims. Then, device a plan to give extra protection to those areas. After providing extra support to weak areas, then wrap the whole piece in several layers of paper. Wrap the layers of paper in bubble wrap. Pack pieces close together in strong boxes. Finally, fill any remaining space in the box with blank newsprint paper.


You do not want your silver getting tarnished or bent while you are moving. You should start by cleaning each piece completely. Now, wrap the piece carefully in silver cloth. If you cannot find silver cloth, then use a piece of soft muslin fabric. Make sure that you have the piece completely covered. Then, wrap it in a layer of bubble wrap. Put the piece in a plastic bag before placing in a strong box. Fill up any remaining room in the box with wadded paper.

Works of Art

If you are packing a valuable two-dimension artwork, then use a mirror box and paper. Fold the mirror box so that it fits your artwork with very little room to spare. Roll several sheets of blank newsprint together and put in the box at the bottom. Fold several layers of newsprint down over the top of the frame. Slide the mirror box over the artwork and fasten securely.

When you follow these simple tips to pack your valuables, you can easily move apartments in Cayce, SC without anything getting damaged. You will want to move to spacious apartment homes at Otarre Pointe Apartments. You will find these beautiful apartments the perfect place to display your valuables.

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