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How to Decorate Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit

How to Decorate Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit

How to Decorate Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit

While you can lose your security deposit for a variety of different reasons, one of the most common reasons cited by landlords is that you put up decorations that harmed the apartment’s walls or floors. Some tenants have given up trying to get their security deposit back. Instead, they just opt to forego that money in order to live in an apartment that they love. Before you decide to go this route, consider options for decorating your apartment that does not leave damage when you decide to move.

Read the Contract

When you are looking at apartments for rent in Cayce, South Carolina, make sure to read your lease. It should tell you exactly what you can do and not do in your new apartment. Following the rules is always the best idea. If you have any questions, then make sure to discuss your ideas with your landlord or property manager before proceeding.

Opt for Removable Options

There are many different removable decorations that can be fastened and removed from apartment walls without doing any damage. Removable wall decals come in a variety of styles and many are extremely large allowing them to be used as a focal point in a room. Removable wallpaper lining allows you to create whole walls of color that come off easy if you decide to move. Removable wall hooks and hanging strips are a great way to put your pictures on a wall without doing damage. If you want to put up little objects, then consider using re-positional adhesive.

Think About the Floor

There are lots of options for changing the looks of your apartment floors. Areas rugs are a particularly popular option with many renters. Generally, you will want to choose one that is at least two feet smaller than the perimeter of the room if you are looking to change the look of the whole room. You may also want to consider using area rugs to set off certain areas of a room, like an area under your dining room table. Vinyl wood plank flooring lays over the existing flooring without fastening to it. You may also want to consider peel and stick tiles as they easily come up with just the hot air from a hairdryer.

Ponder Easels and Tables

It is also incredibly easy to get an easel and put your wall art on it. Alternatively, consider using a side table and positioning your artwork on it while leaning the artwork up against the wall. You may also want to consider foregoing wall art altogether by opting for beautiful vases and sculptures to decorate your apartment.

One thing you should consider when looking for apartments for rent in Cayce, SC, is the care that has been taken in keeping a property well maintained. Properties like Otarre Pointe Apartments take less decorating work because they are already beautiful. Then, you can just add a few special touches and you are done decorating your apartment.

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