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Hey! We’re on Our Way

Hey! We’re on Our Way

Hey! We’re on Our Way

If your phone rings with the announcement that friends are on their way to visit you at your apartment in Cayce, SC, there is no need to panic. Following some simple steps can have your place looking spotless in minutes. You will enjoy their visit, and your friends will be impressed with your cleanliness.  

Quick Clean the Kitchen

If you have dirty dishes scattered around the kitchen, then pick them up and shove them into the dishwasher. Sweep dirt off the kitchen floor. Since you need to hustle, push all the dirt into one pile allowing you to pick it up one time with your dustpan. If you have fresh fruit in the refrigerator, then place it in a bowl on the table. It will make a colorful centerpiece along with giving hungry friends something to munch on while enjoying visiting with you.  


Grab your feather duster and knock the dust off the areas that your guests will see. There is not any need to dust areas where they will not visit. Just close the doors to these areas for now.  

Add Fragrances

You will want your home to smell great when they arrive. Put out smell goods in your essential oil burners or light some fragrant candles. If you have extra time, prepare a fragrant sweet bread or a pie that you can throw in the oven before your guests arrive.  

Clean the Bathroom

You should spot clean your bathroom before your guests arrive. Start by wiping down the sink and counters. If your guests are not staying overnight, then pull the shower curtain to hide your tub. Make sure that you have hand soap in a dispenser. Put out a pretty basket of towels for your guests to use.  

Prepare the Entryway

While you should have already dusted the entryway, if you have extra time, return to this area to make sure it is perfect. Sweep the floor and straighten any decor. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If your guests arrive at night, turn on the light as it will make your apartment seem bright and welcoming.  

There is no need for you to go into a panic attack when you have unexpected company at your apartment in Cayce, SC. When you live at Otarre Pointe Apartments, it is easy to keep your apartment clean when you live there. Extra-large closets make it easy to keep everything tucked away. The stainless steel appliances are easy to clean. You can quickly dust the hardwood flooring. A washer and dryer in each apartment mean that you do not waste time going to the laundromat. You will also love the spacious grounds that make a great first impression. Give Otarre Pointe Apartments a call today to set up a tour.



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