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Exploring the History of South Carolina

Exploring the History of South Carolina

Exploring the History of South Carolina

South Carolina was founded in 1663 on a mission started by King Charles II. There were eight nobles on this mission. At this time, North and South Carolina were one state. They split in 1712. Apartment in Cayce, South Carolina is a beautiful place to start your adventures in the Carolinas.

Only Covered Bridge left

Near Gowensville, South Carolina, you will find Cambell’s Covered Bridge in the state. Cambell’s Covered Bridge was built in 1909 and is the only covered bridge remaining in South Carolina. This bridge was built to cross Beaverdam Creek. Residents named it after Lafayette Campbell. He owned 194 acres in the exact area where workers built this bridge.  Head there so because you will find a beautiful park where you can explore the bridge for yourself. The park has also become a popular picnicking spot for singles and families alike. There are signs throughout the area to tell you about the history, but when it gets too hot to keep walking around exploring, jump into Beaverdam for a quick swim.

Sullivan Island

Sullivan Island is an essential piece of South Carolina. Home to one of the most unique American forts, Fort Moultrie. Soldiers fought a battle there during the American Revolutionary War on June 28, 1776. Soldiers had constructed the form of palmetto logs. Therefore, the fort had a spongy surface. When the British cannon’s hit this spongy material, the logs absorbed the cannonball. Much like a sponge absorbs water, the Palmetto logs absorbed the British cannonballs. Even though the fort was unfinished at the time, the durability and absorbency of the logs helped General William Moultrie and his men defeat Britain and claim dominance over South Carolina. The state’s nickname has now become the Palmetto State.

Northern Mockingbird

South Carolina’s state bird is the Northern Mockingbird. The Northern Mockingbird is a medium-sized bird with long legs and a long thin curved bill. This bird is overall a gray color but has different hues of gray throughout its body. It sings an easily recognizable turn. The people of South Carolina love to hear this bird raising its voice loud and proud in the morning time for all to hear. Mockingbirds are known for protecting their land and chasing off intruders, much like General William Moultrie did. The Mockingbird is sure to make their presence known with their loud songs and are usually seen sitting high up.
As you can see, South Carolina is a place that is proud of its history. Native South Carolinians are fiercely loyal to the state. They have worked hard to make it a state that you can enjoy living in when you move to apartments in Cayce, South Carolina. Contact Otarre Pointe about that possibility today. Call to set up an appointment to tour these beautiful apartments today.


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