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Creating Home Décor for Your Apartment on a Budget

Creating Home Décor for Your Apartment on a Budget

Creating Home Décor for Your Apartment on a Budget

Adding your own personal touches to your apartment turns it from an apartment into a place that you are proud to call home. Yet, sometimes, money can stand in the way of creating the atmosphere that you want to create. Use these home décor tips to personalize your home on a very tight budget.

Fashion Candlestick Picture Frames

Head to the dollar store and get some cheap picture frames, epoxy glue, and some black spray paint. Then, head to the thrift store to get some pedestal candlesticks. Spray paint the candlesticks black and let them dry. Print out and frame a favorite photograph to put in the frame. Then, use the epoxy glue to add the picture frame to the top of the candlestick.

White Glue Canvas Art

Head to the store to grab some white canvas panel, some school glue and your favorite color of paint. Once you get home, think about your favorite word or saying. Alternatively, an abstract design would work too. Draw your design on the canvas with the glue. If you are not a great artist, you can use a stencil. Let the glue dry. Then, paint over the whole design with the paint. Once it dries, remove the glue. On the other hand, if you like the look with the glue and no paint, then stop at that point.

Crushed Ice Candles

Find a pretty teacup and saucer at a thrift store. Then, grab some candle wicking and paraffin wax at the craft store. Additionally, grab some crushed ice. You will also need a double boiler, a pencil, and an old crayon or two of your favorite color. Put the wax and the crayon and heat until melted. Watch it very carefully. Tie the candle wicking on to the pencil and position it over the teacup. Fill, the cup with the crushed ice. Pour the hot wax over the crushed ice and wait for it to get hard. Then, you can position your candle wherever you would like as a pretty home décor item.

Repurpose a Bedside Table

Grab an old bedside table and ask around until someone is willing to let you have their broken china. You can often find it at garage sales and thrift stores. Break the china into small pieces that are about one-inch square. Then, cover the top of the table with them. You will want to lay out your design before gluing it down so you can rearrange the pieces. Add grout between the pieces. Finally, give the rest of the table a quick paint job to repurpose an old bedside table into your very own piece of art.

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