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Apartment Living With Dogs

Apartment Living With Dogs

Apartment Living With Dogs

There is nothing quite as special as a dog’s love. A dog’s love can bring sunshine to any dark and gloomy day. Dogs are special and become a part of your family. There are several dog-friendly apartments in Cayce, SC. Make sure to double check your apartment in Cayce, SC for their pet restrictions before deciding to bring home your fur baby. Some apartments have breed restrictions as well as weight restrictions. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking of bringing another family member home. However, with a little extra tender loving care, you and your pup can have an amazing life in an apartment.

Dog Aggressiveness

You want to make sure you have a dog that is friendly to other dogs. There are sure to be many dogs living in your apartment. You want to ensure they should you come across another dog on a walk that your dog will do okay with them. Unhappy dogs mean unhappy owners, unhappy owners are sure to complain to management. Make sure your dog isn’t a cause for complaints to management. The worst thing would be to adopt a dog, fall in love with it, and not be able to keep it because it’s not able to get along with the other dog’s in the complex.

Pup’s Size

As mentioned before, you want to make sure your apartment doesn’t have a weight limit before bringing home your baby. A lot of the apartments have a cap of 50 pounds. Don’t worry though there are many breeds that will never reach 50 pounds and are still large enough to climb stairs easily should you live on a higher floor. Make sure you always stay within your apartment’s regulations because apartments have the right to ask you to remove a pet from your apartment or to fine you.

Bathroom Habits

If you live on a higher floor, install a balcony bathroom for your dog. This will allow them easy access to a restroom when you don’t have the ability to let them run free. Sometimes taking your dog potty can mean that you will be late for your important meeting or they won’t have enough time to finish their business. Balcony bathrooms allow for your pup to potty while you get ready for your day or cook dinner for your active family at the end of a long day.

Noise Level of Dog

We all have heard of chihuahuas as yappy dogs. Most toy breeds will be noisier than larger breeds. Before you bring your newest addition, consider if their breed is known to cause a lot of noise. The worst thing for an apartment is to have a yappy dog that will not be quiet. It will be annoying to you as well as your neighbors. Always make sure you are also keeping your neighbors in mind when thinking of adding a dog to your life.

Although, dogs are responsibility they are so incredibly worth it. A dog’s love can be compared with very little things. At the end of a long day getting to curl up with your baby and watch television with them is so special. You know no matter what happened that day you are still loved by something.

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