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4 Tips To Using The Parking Garage Responsibly

4 Tips To Using The Parking Garage Responsibly

4 Tips To Using The Parking Garage Responsibly

When you rent an apartment, having access to a parking garage is a major plus. However, community parking comes with its own etiquette, and it’s important to respect other people’s property and be mindful of your neighbors.

If you’re lucky enough to have an apartment with parking garage access, keep the following tips in mind:

Park within the lines

When you’re parking your vehicle, it’s important to park evenly between the lines. This can be more difficult in a larger car, but in order for you to get out without dinging your neighbor’s vehicle, there needs to be enough space to comfortably exit both sides of the car.

Also, be careful not to park next to vehicles that are parked unevenly. It increases the odds of your car being scratched or dinged by the driver trying to get out of a tight spot. Be mindful that other people use the garage with you, and park properly in order to leave enough space for them to access to their vehicles easily.

Drive safely and slowly

There could be a lot of foot and car traffic in a community garage, so you should ensure that you are mindful of everyone and everything around you. Drive at a reasonable speed; 10MPH should be safe unless otherwise posted, and it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Be aware of people walking between cars, and vehicles pulling out in front of you. Careful driving will help prevent fender benders and pedestrian accidents.

Be a mindful pedestrian

As you’re walking around a community garage, be respectful of drivers and obey all pedestrian walkways and signs. Avoid being a risk to other drivers by not wearing earphones or looking down at your phone. Keep children in strollers, or hold their hands so they cannot dart out in front of vehicles. Overall, be mindful of the drivers around you, and respect pedestrian pathways.

Don’t be noisy

Parking garages are not the place to rev your engine and burn rubber. Respect your neighbors and be polite in the garage. Turn down the volume on your music and your conversations as you enter the garage, especially if your neighbors might be sleeping. Also, if you have any work to do on your car that might be noisy, take it outside.

Part of building a great community is respecting communal space. When it comes to shared amenities, follow the golden rule, and treat your neighbors as you would want to be treated.

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