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6 Tips For Dusting Your Apartment

6 Tips For Dusting Your Apartment

6 Tips For Dusting Your Apartment

Are you still using that old school feather duster? It’s high time you toss it into the trash can. Frankly, those old school dusters waste time and are ineffective. They don’t pick up dust- they just move it around.

Fortunately, there are some creative ways to dust hard-to-reach places, and you probably already have the tools at home.

Rubber Glove

Have you ever witnessed a dust explosion after plopping down on the couch? There’s an easy way to fix that.

Put on a rubber glove and rub it over upholstered surfaces. The rubber will create static and pull dust particles to the surface. Then, simply run a vacuum over the upholstery. Make sure you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter to keep from spreading the dust throughout the room.

Lint Roller

A lint roller can be incredibly useful for dusting textured surfaces in your apartment. Use it to dust fabric lamp shades, curtains, and blinds. It’s also perfect for reaching the inside corners of drawers.

Coffee Filter

For the most avid dusters, a coffee filter will take your game to the next level. It’s thin enough to not scratch electronic screens, but porous enough to pick up dust.

Use it to dust your computer, home theater, DVD player, and our favorite box- the television. Fold it to reach between the keys of your laptop, or spritz it to amp up its dust-trapping abilities.


Cobwebs and dust can accumulate in hard-to-reach corners of your home. Bristles can flick dust into the air, so wrap an old towel or t-shirt around them and use it to gently pull dust into an area where you can clean it up.

And remember- when dusting a room, start at the top and move down. If those hard-to-reach corners are near the ceiling, start there. If they’re near the floor, save them for last.


Small, delicate items can be dusted with a soft paintbrush. Use one for picture frames, figurines, intricate decorative items, and antiques. It’s also perfect for brushing dust off of window screens, and brushing dust out of wicker baskets.


An old sock is a great general-purpose dusting tool. Just put it on your hand and get to work dusting blinds, tables, shelves, and other hard surfaces. Put a ruler or putty knife inside to reach tight crevices.

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