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10 Things to Do Before Guests Come Over

10 Things to Do Before Guests Come Over

10 Things to Do Before Guests Come Over

Having guests over can be enjoyable if you’re prepared, but it can be quite stressful if you’re not. Hopefully, your visitors have given you plenty of advance warning for their stay, but if not, there’s still some quick steps you can take to make sure you’re prepared.

Buy extra toilet paper

Guests don’t know their way around your home. Avoid an awkward moment by placing an extra toilet paper roll in the bathroom in clear view. Make sure it’s within easy reach, and have some backups to account for additional people.

Stock the fridge

If you know your guests well, then you should have a good idea on how to stock your fridge. Remember, water can taste very different depending on the area, so have some cold, filtered water in the fridge just in case.

If you aren’t sure what your guests will want to eat or drink, consider how long their stay will be, and have some standard items on hand. Orange juice, eggs, and sandwich meats and cheeses are some simple, crowd-pleasing options.

Adjust the thermostat

Will your guests be visiting from another climate? Will your weather be considerably warmer or cooler than what they’re used to? What is comfortable for you may be hard for them to adjust to.

If it’s hot, you may need to open the windows and let in some fresh air. You will also want to check the air conditioner to make sure it’s functioning properly. The more people in the room, the hotter it will be.

If the weather is chilly, then prepare your heater. Have some extra blankets available, and maybe an additional space heater if your guests are planning on staying for a few days.

Don’t forget humidity. It may be necessary to have a humidifier or dehumidifier on hand if you live in an exceptionally dry or humid climate.

Log off your computer

Keep your personal information safe by logging out of your computer before guests arrive. If they do need to use your computer during their stay, create a guest account for them. This will keep your information private, while allowing them to have access to the internet and other programs if necessary.

Be ready for a sleepover

Even if your guests are only planning to stay for the day, it’s best to be prepared. Have a few extra pillows and blankets on hand. Invest in a good air mattress if you don’t have a guest room. Or, have some cots in storage for multiple guests.

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