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5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Makeup Products

5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Makeup Products

5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Makeup Products

Is your bathroom counter full of makeup products? Drawer organizers and plastic bins may keep makeup organized for a day or two, but if your products aren’t easily-accessible, they will make a new home all over the bathroom counter.

Keep your space organized by installing some simple, easy-to-access organizers that will keep your makeup out of harm’s way, and help to keep the counter free from clutter.

1. Hanging Organizers

A simple way to reclaim counter space is to hang up your makeup in an easy-to-reach location. You can mount a small towel bar under or next to the mirror, and purchase a few small aluminum buckets. Find some decorative ribbon, and tie the bucket handles to the towel bar.

Another option is to buy a hanging organizer with small pockets, and hang it on the back of the bathroom door. Plastic hanging organizers are a great way to organize makeup, because they are incredibly easy to clean. Just make sure you fasten it securely at the bottom to avoid banging your products against the door every time it closes.

2. Shelves

This is a fairly easy and self-explanatory organization solution. Find a bare spot on your bathroom wall, and mount a small shelf or set of shelves for your makeup products.

If you’re worried about makeup falling off, find some small containers and use Velcro to fasten them to the shelf.

3. Magnetize

This is a simple organizational tip to help keep your makeup off the counter, but easily within reach. Find a cheap magnetic board that will fit on the wall near the mirror. Once you’ve mounted the board, fasten small magnetic strips to the backs of your compacts, and stick them to the board.

You can also put magnets on a few plastic containers to hold brushes, lipsticks, and pencils.

4. Tackle Box

If you have lots of makeup products, it may be difficult to fit them all on a magnetic board or shelf. Find a cheap tackle box or tool box that has a removable shelf with compartments large enough for your compacts.

Store smaller items up top, and keep larger palettes and brushes on the bottom.

5. Daily Makeup Bag

If you have a consistent daily makeup routine, it may be easier to organize if you split your products between a small makeup bag and another container. Separate out what you will use on a daily basis, and put it in a bag with corresponding brushes and other tools.

Then, put the products you use less frequently in a small storage bin, and find a place to store it in the bedroom. Pull it out for special occasions or occasional skin treatments. This will help minimize clutter in the bathroom, and make the products you use consistently easier to access.

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