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5 Indoor Plants You (Probably) Can’t Kill

5 Indoor Plants You (Probably) Can’t Kill

5 Indoor Plants You (Probably) Can’t Kill

Indoor plants add beauty to your home, filter the air, and help keep dust levels down. However, many people seem to have trouble keeping them alive so they can reap the benefits.

For folks who want a bit of green in their environment, but are sorely lacking a green thumb, there’s still hope.

Many indoor plants die from too much love; that is, too much water, fertilizer, or pruning. To increase your chance of success, buy your plants from local greenhouses instead of 24-hour department stores.

Snake Plant

This is a tropical plant native to West Africa. Many know this unique plant as the mother-in-law’s tongue or the viper’s bowstring hemp. Apart from visual appeal, it is beneficial for your health because it filters harmful toxins out of the air. Many individuals keep this in their bedroom to keep the air light and fresh.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is considered to be one of the most adaptable, easy-to-grow indoor plants. Keep this plant inside during cold weather because it cannot tolerate frost. Pot it up in a sandy soil mixture, and place it in indirect sunlight. Spider plant also makes an attractive addition to a hanging basket..


If these plants were an animal, they would be camels. The stems hold a lot of water, allowing the plant to survive extreme drought. Succulents will tolerate long periods without water, which makes them great for someone who spends a large amount of time away from home. They will do best in sandy soil, direct light, and a porous pot.


Aloe Vera is another easy-to-maintain houseplant that adds beauty and health benefits to your indoor space. It also serves as a first-aid tool for cuts and burns. The gel has antiseptic and moisturizing properties that make it a popular ingredient in hygiene products.

Aloe is known for its plump, spiny leaves, and will produce a bright red flower at certain times of the year. Plant it in a large, porous pot with sandy soil, and water infrequently.


This vine is nearly impossible to kill. A single stem can grow thirty feet if left untrimmed. If you do trim it, you can place the cut section in water and it will grow roots in just a few weeks.

These vines are great for low light, and do well in large containers or hanging pots. They will need more water than the other plants on our list, but they are vigorous and beautiful. They come in many different variegated leaf patters, so do some shopping to find the one that’s perfect for your home.

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