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5 Décor Tips To Show Off Your Love Of Travel

5 Décor Tips To Show Off Your Love Of Travel

5 Décor Tips To Show Off Your Love Of Travel

Display your love of adventure with a decorative theme that shows off your latest trips and travel plans. Travel themes can be modern and creative, or old-world and cozy. Find your own unique style and express your love of the globe with a few of our decorative tips:

Theme walls

Choose a country or culture you want to feature, or display places of the world you want to visit. Your wall can tell your travel story from the Pyramids of Egypt to the beaches of Brazil.

Don’t limit yourself to wall décor; find some small tables, lamps, and figurines that represent the theme you have chosen. You can even paint the wall itself to complement the colors and mood of the décor you’ve chosen.

Maps and globes

Maps and globes can add to your travel theme by giving an inviting, old world feel to the room. Choose world maps, maps of certain continents or countries, or even timelines.

Globes are available in thousands of styles, and range from educational to decorative. Personalize it by marking all the places you’ve visited, or having a bucket list globe with all the places you would like to see.

Create a photo wall

Print off your favorite travel photos and start a photo wall to commemorate your adventures. Frame them for a more organized look, or use pushpins and tape for something more informal.

You can even combine a photo wall with a world map. Use pushpins and string to mark the places you’ve been, and connect them to the pictures you took while visiting.

Old-World Navigation Tools

No travel-themed décor is complete without a compass and a looking glass. If an antique sextant isn’t quite your style, there are plenty of modernized navigation-themed decorations available. Find coasters with compass points, or a ship’s wheel wall clock to tie your travel theme together.

Décor Staples

Finally, don’t underestimate the simple touches that emphasize your love of travel. Small, travel-inspired items like pillows, throws, lampshades, and placemats are an easy way to continue the theme throughout your apartment. It’s not difficult to find decorative staples with a travel twist that shows your love for worldwide adventures.

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