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Top Decoration Ideas for Fall Décor in Your
Apartment for Rent in Cayce, SC

It is easy to know when the autumn season is nigh with the shedding of leaves and the appearance of sweaters and scarves. There are many things to love about the fall and you can get some nice seasonal decorations for your apartment for rent in Cayce, SC without spending too much.

Here are some of our favorite fall décor that you can craft up today in your home:

1. Painted Acorns

These are lying everywhere during the fall so you will easily find a bunch of them to use. All you need to do is to grab some acorns, clean them thoroughly and then paint the bottoms with acrylic paint in your favorite colors. Place them in a glass bowl to create a colorful centerpiece that screams autumn to your visitors. Best part of it is that you won’t have spent a lot for the nice prop.

2. Autumn Orange Garlands

There’s a lovely, earthy smell that autumn has that you can replicate in your apartment for rent in Cayce SC with a few autumn essentials. All you need for a nice, sweet-smelling aroma in your home is to buy some oranges. Cut the oranges to slices and then dry them in an oven for about 4 hours. Once they are dried, leave them to sit for up to 12 hours. Leaving the dried orange slices can easily do the trick. Once dried, get some cinnamon sticks and drill some holes on them, pass some twine on the sticks and hang your dried orange slices from it. You can enhance the fragrance by adding some fresh bay leaves, some pot pourri if you have some or any other fragrant plant you like.

3. Apple Topiary Centerpiece

This is another autumn decoration that you can do with an everyday item. Don’t eat up all your apples. You can take some apples and fix to a foam topiary ball. You can also use florist’s skewers to form a conical shape to use for your apples. Add some fresh greenery or flowers to any spaces between the apples with the help of a glue gun to create a simple, sweet centerpiece for your dining area or kitchen.

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