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10 Questions to Help You Find A Quality Roommate

It is considered financially prudent when you share a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate than actually staying alone. This is because you get to pay only part of the rent. However, this decision can lead to a nightmare, when you get a roommate whose lifestyle and attitude is repulsive.

So, if you’re considering getting a roommate, it is vital that you get to know this person first. Irrespective of whether the person is a friend, there are things to look out for because in most cases, we don’t really know our friends until we live with them.

Here are some questions which you need to ask your proposed roommate before you let him in. you want to know?

1. How often do you clean?

Believe it or not, this is the major cause of conflicts between roommates in an apartment for rent in Cayce, SC. You might be the clean freak, but when you get a roommate who doesn’t care about how the house get cleaned, there is bound to be issues. Ask him or her this question and watch how it gets answered. If he is the clean type, you definitely will know by his response, body language and attitude.

2. How do you spend the weekends?

This particular question is aimed at finding out if you both share the same interests. If he is the type that loves bringing friends over for a party and you’re not the party freak, this should be a red sign not to go ahead.

3. Do you smoke?

If you’re not a smoker yourself, you definitely won’t be comfortable having a roommate who smokes. If you are to allow him despite this difference, some rules have to be established like using a designated smoking area.

4. Still friends with your old roommates?

If he hesitates or lets out an offensive expression before answering this question, chances are that it never ended well, and this should be a glaring red sign. But if your ‘roommate to be’ is still friends with his former roommates, then that is usually a good sign.

5. Have pets or bringing in any?

Sometimes, we might not know that we’re going to house more than one person, until we find out on the day he packs in. if you’re one of those who are allergic to cats, this can even mean hell. Make sure you find out about this before saying YES.

6. Occupation

Another thing to find out before you let a roommate in is to find out what he or she does for a living. You need to consider the ability to pay rent when it is due.

7. What’s your relationship status?

This is necessary to find out. Is he or she is in a romantic relationship, this means you will have to put up to two love birds on your apartment when you get back from work.

8. What do you want in a roommate?

This question might put him or her off a bit. But once he comports himself and think for a moment, he or she might be able to tell you his expectations. It is left for you to find out if you fit in or not.

9. Do you cook?

If your roommate to be is an aspiring chef, that might be a huge turn on for you. You get to taste virtually all his recipes. This is also the time to find out if cooking together is best or cooking separately.

10. Anything else I should know?

This should obviously be your last question. Any additional information that you may find useful will fall under this.

Getting a roommate in your apartment for rent in Cayce, SC can be tricky so make sure you find out as much as you can