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5 Indoor Houseplants You Can’t Kill

For folks who always want a bit of green in their environment and have no green thumb or the time to take care of a plant, there’s still hope. Plants and flowers not only bring out the beauty in your home, but also filter the air, giving you that charming and fresh breath you always crave for.

But one of the problems flower lovers have is finding out the right plant or flower that can strive indoor without dying off. Some plants require lots of space and sunlight, some require plenty of water and when these are lacking, they end up withering away.

The aim is to get a resilient plant or flower that can survive irrespective of the harsh environment. Although no flower or plant is immortal so to say, but there are some that can adapt to any situation, whether favorable or harsh.

Snake Plant

This plant is a native to Tropical West Africa. Many know this unique plant as the mother-in-law’s tongue, the Viper’s bowstring hemp, among other numerous names. Apart from the visual appeal that it gives, it has been known to be beneficial to health since it filters the air from lots of harmful toxins. In fact, many individuals keep this in their bedroom at night.

Spider Plant

Now you’re wondering, why do we keep naming flowers after some creepy crawlers? Well, Spider plant is considered worldwide to be one of the most adaptable house plants and easy to grow. This is an indoor plant because it cannot tolerate outdoor frost. What it needs to flourish is a well-drained sand and indirect light. With that alone, this unique indoor houseplant is ready to strive.

Cacti Plant

If this plant was an animal, it would have been the camel. This is because its stems hold a lot of water, allowing the plant to survive extreme drought. If you’re the lazy type that finds it hard to water your indoor plant, this plant might be best for you. Apart from that, it requires low light and dry air. It certainly survives in any apartment for rent in Cayce, SC no matter how many days you forget to water it.

Aloe Plant

Here is another awesome indoor plant that can be quite the deal in making your home beautiful and serving as an emergency box in moment of cuts, bruises or burns. Known for their plump leaves, and a good remedy for a flawless skin and hair growth. This is a multipurpose indoor plant that will serve you in numerous ways. Taking care of it isn’t time-consuming, a little water every two to three weeks is enough.

Pothos Plant

This is one of the plants that are impossible to kill and very easy to take care. They can grow up to 10 fits. You can cut it, put it in a water vase and it will start growing again. Once in a while, you will need to prune them, to keep them fully at the base. They are beautiful, a sight to behold especially in a glass transparent vase.

Keep your home for rent in Cayce, SC fresh and green with these beautiful, yet sturdy plants and enjoy the goodness they brings all year long.