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How to Use the Parking Garage Responsibly

One of the best parts of living in a luxury apartment building in Cayce SC is that you have many amenities which also includes a parking garage with many safety features. Community parking means that you also have to be conscious of your neighbors when taking action so that you are fair to them and stay on great terms with everyone. Here are some tips on how to use the parking garage responsibly in your apartment for rent in Cayce, SC:

Park within the lines

When you are parking your vehicle in the garage, you should ensure that you park between the lines and straight. This is because if you park close to the lines, it would make your vehicle so close to that of your neighbour that they may be unable to open their doors properly and get out of their car. This could be annoying especially if they are unable to reach you to come fix it and get things done properly. Be mindful that other people use the garage with you and park properly, leaving enough space for them to also get access to their vehicles easily.

Drive safely and slowly

There could be a lot of foot and car traffic in a community garage so you should ensure that you are mindful of everyone and everything around you. This include driving at a reasonable speed of 10MPH and no more than 15MPH whenever you are moving around the garage. This will ensure that you are at a reasonable speed that prevents fender benders and pedestrian accidents.

Be a mindful pedestrian

Walking around a community garage without paying attention to your surroundings is not good and unfair to other drivers. You must ensure that you are not walking around the garage listening to music or being distracted so much that you constitute a risk to other drivers. Also ensure that you keep to designated walkways and not on the main roads.

Don’t be noisy

Apartments for rent in Cayce, SC accommodate all types of people and so you should not be revving your vehicle unnecessarily and causing noise. Show respect to your other neighbors and be decorous when in the parking garage. This includes ensuring that your music is not too loud, especially at odd hours of the day when others may still be sleeping. Same applies to when you are coming back from a late night out with your friends. Keep the volume of your conversations reasonable and do not wake up the entire apartment building.

Responsible use of communal spaces is something that anyone living in homes for rent in Cayce, SC should bear in mind so that everyone lives in peace and respects each other. Get a quality, well-finished apartment for rent in Cayce, SC today by visiting the Otarre Pointe Apartments. Call us today for a free inspection and walkthrough.