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10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup in The Bathroom

For makeup lovers, one of the daunting experiences that awaits us most times is finding a way to fit our enormous, growing beauty makeups in the space available. The obvious solution to this hurdle is to create more space, right? But most time, we don’t know some of these life hacks that might actually help us create more space for our makeup kits when living in a home for rent in Cayce, SC. In this article, you will learn just 10 cheap and easy ways on how you can create more space. Read on!

1. Reused containers from the kitchen

This is pretty easy. Just get hold of containers which are no longer in use and pack similar makeups in one container and label them. The container could be a jar, plastic or glass. Whichever one you can find, use it and make sure you label them.

2. Build Shelves

Your bathroom wall shouldn’t be empty, especially if you want to create more space for your makeup. Get a carpenter to construct that shelf according to the amount of makeup you have or buy a hanging shelf from any store around.

3. Store your lipsticks in a candy jar

You can try putting all your lipsticks together in a candy jar instead of leaving them just as you bought them. Not only do they take more space if you leave them at way, they make you look unorganized.

4. Use a shower curtain

A shower curtain that can be moved back and forth is better than a wooden door which can’t. With a little demarcation, you can have more space than you would have thought is possible.

5. Pack away the messy tools

There are some of these beauty makeups which are an eyesore. Why not create more space in the bathroom by packing them away and displaying only the pretty ones? Chances are these are the ones you use the most.

6. Use a spice-rack

If you have about $25 bucks to spare, you can order this on Amazon and see your little bathroom space breath in more space. This is one of the most efficient ways to create more space for your beauty makeups.

7. Display your nail polish like a paint brush

They are paint brushes anyway, just that you don’t actually draw on a blank paper, but on your nails. Displaying your nail polish in this manner can save you a lot of space in your small bathroom. You can put similar colors together to make it look prettier.

8. Get a makeup bag

This not only help you create space; it becomes convenient to travel with anywhere you want without making it very obvious. They can be gotten for a few bucks in the market and can store all the makeup in your home for rent in Cayce, SC.

9. Magnetize your way

This becomes an option if you’re short of counter space. A three-compartment shelf can fit in all your brushes, lipsticks, concealers, shadow pallets etc.

10. Cake Stand

This can be used to create more space by displaying your most valuable pieces or perhaps, use it to store nail polish collections, thereby creating more space in your bathroom.